3 plenty | the most vegetables w greens, avocados & citrus

3 plenty | the most vegetables w greens, avocados & citrus

this is for living the good plant life.

for vegetarian devotees, families & regular kitchen dwellers who like to bring lunch to work too.

the weekly market lists are created with a balanced diet in mind with consideration to colour, texture and complimentary flavours. 


grown in sydney on small family run farms 

leafy greens
rocket 2 bunches*
cime di rapa 1 bunch* sold out but will be replaced w something similar
cos lettuce 1 bunch*
mint 1 bunch*
shallots 1 bunch
fresh bay leaves, rosemary & thyme* help yourself from the table until the end of winter
in the middle
black zucchini 750gm* new season 
baby cauliflower 1 head*
yellow & spicy red banana capsicums 500gm* new season 
seedless globe eggplant 500gm*
roots (grown in the huon valley, tasmania)
red desiree & royal blue potatoes 1kg*
deep purple carrots 500gm*
orange sweet potato 1kg
winter fruit 
hass avocados 500gm 
blood oranges & mandarins 1kg*
radicchio is available on the side this week

Eating your way through these bags need not be complicated. cast aside those recipes and instead favour really simple, mindful cooking methods that respect produce this fresh. 

Preparing food at home should always be simple and enjoyable. Although using recipes provides exact instruction for those a little less experienced in the kitchen they should be viewed only as inspiration. Using bright, fresh ingredients don’t complicated cooking methods with lots of ingredients and sauces except a splash of your favourite acid, good quality olive oil and a little sea salt & pepper.

Find or make batches of good quality additions to finish with (pickles, relishes, vinegar's, dressings, lots of herbs, cheeses, garlic or chilli oils, toasted seeds & nuts, olives, tahini & hummus etc). Choose a few fresh to rotate until they are all finished.