1 winter essentials | vegetables, greens & fruit

1 winter essentials | vegetables, greens & fruit

a little mingle of winter essentials with avocados & fruit for snacks.  

mostly for solo enthusiasts & lovers who live together.

the weekly market lists are created with a balanced diet in mind with consideration to colour, texture and complimentary flavours. 


grown in sydney on small traditional family run farms 

leafy greens
rocket 1 bunch*
purple kale 1 bunch*
parsley 1 bunch*
fresh curry leaves select from the basket 
in the middle
cauliflower 1kg whole*
brocolli shoots 250gm*
small jap pumpkin 1kg whole*
fresh turmeric 100gm
winter fruit 
hass avocados 500gm
blood oranges mandarins lemons 1.5kg*
brussel sprouts available on the side this week 
foraging your way through these bags need not be complicated. cast aside those recipes and instead favour really simple, mindful cooking methods that respect produce this fresh.
find or make batches of good quality additions to finish with (pickles, relishes, vinegar's, dressings, lots of herbs, cheeses, garlic or chilli oils, toasted seeds & nuts, olives, tahini & hummus etc).