Produce Market Assistant & Driver

A very straightforward position for those that are not phased by early starts and an early finish. Pick up in Potts Point is at 4am and you finish at 8am in Surry Hills. Your van will be located close to your house and you will be working alternate Saturdays, sharing with another driver. 

At the produce markets you will be receiving produce directly from farmers and assisting with trolley pickups inside the markets. The two hours passes quickly before we head back to Surry Hills to unload the van with the help of 12 volunteers. 

There is a run-sheet and you will know exactly what your responsibilities will be. 

There is heavy lifting involved & you will need to be an experienced driver to confidently manoeuvre a vehicle packed with produce. 

You will be paid $200 cash in hand on the day commencing in two - three weeks time.

To apply please email Talia thelocalharvestcollective@gmail