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spray-free grown in windsor


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ruby red grapefruit Quick shop
ruby red grapefruit

ruby red grapefruit


spray free & grown in windsor in the same orchard as all of the other winter citrus.

1kg | $8

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unwaxed fuji apples Quick shop
unwaxed fuji apples

unwaxed fuji apples


unwaxed & spray-free grown in orange, nsw

crisp, sweet & juicy (you can request smaller apples on market day if you need them for smaller hands)

$7 / 1kg (approx 5-6 pieces)

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winter | this goes with that Quick shop
winter | this goes with that

winter | this goes with that


as a devotee of simple cooking sans recipes and unnecessary ingredients here are a few musings about what you could do with your winter favourites. 

the weekly market lists are created with a balanced diet in mind with consideration to colour, texture and complimentary flavours. 


rocket | if you feel like something different other than raw you can cook rocket as you would a spinach. this can be said for most other greens including lettuces that are delicious quartered and pan-fried with oil or butter. 

rainbow chard & silverbeet | you can use the stems separately -  slice or whole sautéed with butter or oil, add a little garlic & fennel. stems are awesome placed underneath roast chicken or pickled. cook your greens as soon as you can so they’re ready as accompaniments and save room in your fridge. 

garden chives & fresh herbs | on everything of course especially toasted iggy's with sliced tomato, sea salt, garlic oil & lots of black pepper. insert smiley face emoji.

baby endive | salad, soups, pastas or sautéed. really lovely fresh with roasted beetroot, lemon & goats curd. 

in the middle

brussel sprouts | roasted, sliced with noodles, crispy fried with lentils, as a side with a little broth, pancetta & garlic. in pasta with lots of parmagiano. (good pancetta is important!) or shaved raw in salads.

winter capsicums | roast all at once, peel and cover with oil and slivers of garlic for use with pretty much everything. always perfect with eggplant. 

kohlrabi | salad, raw like you'd eat an apple, curries, soup, roasted, pickled, or placed underneath a roast chicken. often paired with fennel. 

fennel | shaved in salad (preferably with a mandolin - a must have kitchen essential), quarter & slow roasted, braised, in soup or pickled. 


purple haze dutch carrots (purple outside, orange inside) | roasted, pickled, grated in salad, not recommended in soups as the purple will turn your soup a funny colour. raw as a snack!

butternut pumpkin | the best slow roasted for that natural caramelising, of course the classic soup, curries.

purple beetroot | roasted, shaved or grated raw as a finishing to salads or lightly pickled on the side. soup with burrata on top, curries* or chocolate cake.

the leaves can be used in place of spinach or creamed with the rocket & chard.

*curries don’t need to include a whole lot of dried spices. light curries are beautiful and if the dried spices you have aren’t fresh they can overpower everything. I prefer to use all fresh ginger, turmeric and curry leaves, a little garlic, plenty of black pepper with fresh tomatoes or coconut cream and heaps of fresh herbs. 

as most people live in apartments I can't advocate the use of smoky grill pans or bbq's.
beautiful italian ceramic plate & photo by alex & trahanas who have amazing pieces you can add to your collection, especially if italy is not on the destination list this winter.
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