ways to maintain the good life

If winter has your favourite jeans feeling too snug and you feel like you need to take a little digestive holiday to keep the good vibes rolling then stop by for a few tips on how to improve your flow through how you eat, drink and live. If you’re consistently mindful of your lifestyle choices you shouldn’t need a massive overhaul. 

Simple things that are easy to find around you. I don't know what reishi, ashwatanga, cordyceps or lions mane is so none of that kind of thing. sorry.

Most importantly the following is a holistic approach to maintaining your edge. Staying sharp and keeping your internal flow steady and strong. Eating well is a major part of it but not something that flies solo in staying healthy. I'm no expert but over the years have spent a lot of time personally fine tuning my lifestyle. These are things I like to do.

Drinking hot/warm water

A famously easy way to improve digestive flow. More easily absorbed by the body which means faster hydration. There is no scientific evidence to suggest drinking lemon water in the morning improves digestion but it does create an appetite to continue a fresh approach during the day.

I use the 750ml size Swell bottle. Keeps hot in winter for 12 hours and chill in summer for 24 hours. Sprig of mint is nice and also a digestion ally. 


A fact rather than a shameless promotion! Fibrous, full of magnesium and ridiculously easier to digest than meat plus they taste better. Cooked beetroot, butternut pumpkin and zucchini are especially good for digestion, as are root vegetables.
Vegetables take between 30-50 mintutes to digest, pulse and grains about 2 hours. Too many pulses will not help you though. Meat takes about 12 hours (^&#!). Add leafy greens, herbs and evoo for extra goodness. Try splitting your meals half and half over a few hours. 

I personally don't advocate eating meat at all or if so very, very rarely for a myriad of reasons of which I would be happy to talk about in person on market day. come and see me! 

Dark greens, rocket and herbs

Eat more. Especially rocket mint, coriander, parsley and dill. Cooked kale is better than raw if you’re feeling the bloat. 

High Fives to these vegetable advocates for producing inspiration on a plate. Ten of the best.

Matt Wilkinson's Simply Dressed Salads

Peter Kuruvita's Lands Of The Curry Leaf

Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall's Much More Veg

Sarah Britton's My New Roots

Carter Were's Carter's Cookbook (soon to be released Dec 2019)

- follow her on instagram until then!

Green Kitchen Stories - all books are awesome

My Darling Lemon Thyme's A Year In My Real Food Kitchen

Anna Jones's A Modern Way To Eat

Ottolenghi Plenty More

Salma Hage's The Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cookbook

Healthy oils

Especially good quality extra virgin olive oil & avocados. Reasons are obvious.  

Ripe Bananas

Packed with potassium which is awesome for smashing water retention and moving things along. High in fiber. Tasty with Coyo yoghurt and prunes.


Replacing a few evening meals with plain oats, raw honey & probiotic
yoghurt. I prefer Coyo because it has nothing added, just straight up coconut plus ABC probiotic cultures and tastes the best.
Oats are packed with melatonin and potassium, two things that help increase relaxation. Oats also cleanse the palate too and are easy on the digestive tract.

Fermented things

sauerkraut, kimchi & miso. 

Yoga, Movement & Meditation

Movement melts the tension stuck in your muscles and joints and practised meditation and breathwork improves oxygen to the heart increasing blood flow thus improving digestion. Less stress is the best.
Asanas work to twist your torso, build strength in your core and encourage over all flow in the body. Yoga flow. 

I am a member of One Hot Yoga in Potts Point. The studio is set at 37 degrees and the flow is slow, with longer held poses and definitely combines a mind and body workout. If you are keen to try a hot yoga practise be well hydrated beforehand and remember to breath! The heat is just a sensation and a deep calm breath will help overcome this. 

Sweat it out!

Every Saturday when you pickup your whole foods there is an amazing opportunity to take your effort to the next level. The Locals Market is the only market in Australia that is located within a space that can improve your well-being in more ways than one. Paramount Recreation Club offers something for everyone.


They also run a 30 day trial for $30


Setting an intention for your motivations is the best way to begin and receiving direction from a meditation teacher is ultimately where you should begin.

I recommend:

Garry Gorrow 

Tim Brown 

Vedic mediation teacher's based in Sydney and respected worldwide. 

So many apps, so little time! The word is out - mediation is the modern way to turn on, tune in, drop out. A few good ones to start with would be:

Simple Habit


The Broadplace is a great place to start for approachable and relatable introduction to meditation with online workshops and e-books. 

Herbalist & Nutritionist

Erin Lovell Verinder

If you would like to further incorporate plants as medicine in your life I would only recommend connecting with Erin. A herbalist, nutritionist, health expert and wellness writer. She resides in Byron Bay but is regularly in clinic at Orchard Street in Bronte. She also conducts face-to-face appointments via Skype. 

Not Drinking Alcohol Or Choosing Wisely

This is a sneaky one at the very end, a contentious subject. After only a few glasses of quality juice in 7 years and none in the past 18 months I am a genius in hindsight. I've hung up my crown. Yay for me and you're welcome to internally roll your eyes. 

If you like a drink to chill then at least drink good quality wine. Life is too short to drink shit wine, I'm sure you've heard that before. Organise yourself and have a little stash so you don't have to hope for the best at the nearest bottle shop upon a recommendation from whoever is there on the night pushing a variety that they need to move. 

One bottle of cheap and thoughtlessly made wine under the guise of a pretty label can surely turn all your other good intentions south especially in your gut. Towards the end of my drinking career I only purchased wine from Joel at DRNKS he only pushes the best organic or biodynamic, sourced from family-owned labels and is made with limited to no additives. You can then educate yourself a little in the long run and they can deliver the same day etc. Have fun and don't forget to hydrate.