how to keep your greens lively


Picked in the western suburbs of Sydney after the cool evening on a Friday morning, these greens are amazing.

Chlorophyll filled tasty goodness.
Storing them correctly so they last longer and retain the prize is a good secret to know. 

Not everyone has the best quality fridge. That’s ok.
Follow these steps of respect and if you haven’t already indulged in them you’ll be enjoying your leaves vibrant and lively on Thursday and Friday, often longer. 

1. All vegetables are living organisms. Treat greens like a bunch of flowers, trim their stems, cut their ties, plunge wholly in cool water and tussle around. Simultaneously clean and revive. A clean kitchen sink is perfect.

In the Summertime soak for at least an hour or so (if the tap water is warm add ice blocks) they will suck up the water and spring back to life.
Still do this in winter but perhaps not so long. 

2. Drain the water, lightly tussle leaves and stand up straight.
Don’t use a salad spinner as this will damage their tender tentacles. Let drain for 15 minutes or so. If you know you’re not the whole plant eating type of person keep it real and trim whatever you know you won’t use. Throw in the ‘for soup broth’ container or whatever mindful disposal you choose. 

3. Gently pack your calico greens bag (complimentary and available on market day, just ask!) with your dewy leaves, give it a light shake to create space. Your market bag is just as good, a tea towel tends to squash.

4. Tie the handles loosely and store in your crisper. 

This method isn’t a free pass to neglect. Check in on them every day to either consume or remove baddies. We all know one baddie is enough to cause havoc. 

Depending on the the quality of your fridge and accidental neglect you might have to repeat these steps on Thursday.
I eat about 6 bunches of watercress or rocket a week plus herbs, I have three of these bags going on at once. This method works.

Fresh greens are so incredibly good for you,
don’t underestimate their power.