Seasonal Recipes

New Potato Salad with Tomatoes, Anchovies and Toasted Crumbs


Serves 4
new potatoes 500g
tomatoes 500g
anchovy fillets 6

For the herb oil:
olive oil 5 tbsp
basil handful
chives 1/3 bunch
parsley handful
red-wine vinegar 2 tbsp

For the crumbs:
white bread a thick slice
olive oil 3 tbsp

Scrub the new potatoes, removing any flaky skin, then boil in deep, lightly salted water for up to 15 minutes until tender to the point of a knife.

Make the herb oil: put the olive oil in a blender, add the basil leaves and stems, the chives and parsley leaves, then pour in the red-wine vinegar. Process for a few seconds until you have a thick dressing. I don’t think you need salt or pepper, but do as you wish, remembering the presence of the anchovy.

Blitz or roughly chop the bread to coarse crumbs. Warm the olive oil in a shallow pan over a moderate heat then add the crumbs and let them cook for 3 or 4 minutes until golden and lightly crisp. Remove from heat.

Slice the tomatoes thickly. Drain the potatoes, cut each one in 2 or 3 thick slices then put them in a bowl with the tomatoes. Add the anchovies, whole or chopped as you wish. Pour over the herb dressing, turning everything over very gently with a large spoon to coat the potatoes and tomatoes evenly.

Transfer the salad to a large serving dish then scatter the toasted crumbs over the top.