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how do I get my sweet potatoes sweet?

Written by Richard Cornish for

Sweet potatoes are like the Hemsworth boys. They start off all bland and starchy but put a little heat under them and they start to become more palatable. The cell walls in sweet potatoes, like all veg, are carbohydrate molecules made up of smaller sugar (glucose) molecules. When you heat sweet potatoes an enzyme is released that breaks down the carbohydrate into maltose (two glucose molecules).

This happens between 60C-70C. If you put sweet potato slices straight into a hot oven they won't spend a lot of time at this temperature. Instead, peel and cut the sweet potato. Place in a saucepan of water and heat until the water is hot but not boiling. Keep on a low heat for an hour. Drain. Roast as usual. You can place sweet potatoes in a cold oven then turn the oven on to give a sweeter potato.