Seasonal Recipes

Rice Milk Pots with Chocolate Sauce


(4 small bowls)

Rice & milk:

1 cup whole rice grains (soaked overnight in water)
2 ½ cup unsweetened almond milk
2 cup water
2 tbsp maple syrup
1 orange
1 small lemon
2 cinnamon sticks
A pinch of sea salt
¼ cup unsalted crushed pistachios
Seasonal fruits, chopped (in this recipe i used satsumas and plums)

Chocolate sauce:

¼ cup melted coconut oil or cacao butter
¼ cup raw cacao powder
1 /2 tbsp maple syrup
A pinch of sea salt

Rice with milk: Place the soaked rice in a strainer and rinse it under fresh water. Clean and dry the lemon and the orange with a cloth. Now remove the zest of the orange by using a grater. Peel the lemon with a knife,(save the skin of the lemon to cook the rice with). Place the rice together with the water, almond milk, maple syrup, cinnamon sticks, salt, orange zest and lemon peel in a saucepan. Cook in medium heat for approx. 30-35 minutes until the liquid is almost gone (you need to keep just a little bit of liquid). Stir every five minutes. If the rice is still kind of hard, add some more milk and cook for a couple of more minutes until it softens.

Chocolate sauce: Place all the ingredients into a saucepan and cook in low heat stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until it starts to boil and then remove (try to serve it directly otherwise it will get thicker). To serve, place the rice in small pots and drop a couple of spoons of chocolate sauce on them, sprinkle some crushed pistachios and add your favorites fruits on the top for decoration.