The search for (imperfect) perfection

There is always so much talk about ugly vegetables and that our dedication to wanting perfect looking vegetables and fruit is unsustainable. I (secretly) like good-looking vegetables that taste as good as they look, its what I get excited about and I feel like I really want to apologise for a few things in last weeks bounty. I didn't like the Broccoli it was gnarly and not at all what I was expecting and didn't look anything like the picture I had been sent from the farm earlier in the week nor did I like the Pears they were terribly discoloured and had a funny feeling to their taste. I told both these growers that I won't be buying off them anymore as it hasn't been the first time lately. The season has been tough so far but at the end of the day I still want to provide you with quality produce. I hope you accept my apology. 

There is a price increase this week. Its something I have put off for a very long time and one that is completely necessary for the health and sustainability of The Locals Market. There are a myriad of hidden costs involved in running this project and many of them I wear personally. Little things add up like the cost of purchasing the calico bags (which is why we LOVE them returned to re-use), hiring the van, organising recycling of the boxes that the produce comes in and paying fees to the online shop for credit card purchases - this is just the start of it. So it is with regret that I have to increase the price of the Little Bounty by $5. I still wholeheartedly believe that even for $55 this bag is a wonderful price. A recent comparing of prices at Harris Farm found that the cost of the same ingredients would have cost $82. 

We'll be joined by The Vegan Teahouse tomorrow at our Surry Hills market. They'll be bringing their Britney banana bread, Serendipity fudge, Grace brownies, Amrita chai and Penny peppermint fennel aniseed blended tea. The fact that their products are vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free and caffeine free is a minor detail. Personally I think its all delicious. My first slice of their Britney banana bread was really really enjoyable. I'm so (literally) sick of treats being so sweet all the time and I thought their banana bread was the best I ever tasted. Banana bread is usually banana cake but theirs made me feel nourished and fulfilled whilst still being a little bit of a treat. A perfect breakfast on the run.

What has finished for the season in our region : Basil, Eggplant, Banana Chilli, Sheppard Avocados,

What is slow in our region due to weather conditions : Broccoli (very slow), all herbs, Rainbow Chard, Target Beetroot, Leeks. 

We will now be selling Masala Chai to help The Wayside raise money for their Rooftop Garden Program. The black tea blend and Indian spices are mixed by Teacraft so you know it's supreme. I travelled for 5 months around India a few years ago and this Chai is legit containing Indian grown Assam tea which gives a rich flavour and beautiful colour. The organic herbs are grown and dried on the rooftop of The Wayside Chapel and packed onsite by Andrew who 6 months ago was a visitor, then volunteer and now he has turned his life around and is employed by The Wayside Chapel to spearhead this project.

This initiative provides opportunities for visitors to Wayside to learn the art of tea making and encourages training and pathways into employment for people facing homelessness, mental health issues and substance abuse. 

A tea perfect for this time of year now available to purchase at our markets and online. We will also be selling their raw unheated honey bottled onsite by visitors and made by bees on the rooftop. All proceeds go to The Wayside Chapel. 

Incase you didn't already know, if ever we have anything leftover from our markets it all goes straight to The Wayside Chapel kitchen.

Cornersmith have been so kind as to gift us 2 spots in their upcoming Citrus City Workshop on June 14 (valued at $280). Designed for those who either have heart eyes for all citrus or are lucky enough to have many trees in their backyard that they can't keep up with. We will be running a little competition via Instagram. Tag The Locals Market and Cornersmith in a photo of your favourite citrus and tell us about how you like to eat it. The winner will be judged on creativity and photo composition. Open until the 7th June so let those creative juices floooow. The Cornersmith workshops are a really awesome way to meet like-minded people, learn some new tricks and just have a good time doing something useful. 
Eat brightly.

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