Mushrooms fit for a knockout soup meander with nutty Zucchini's.


It's cold (very cold for us sun worshippers), and the only dandy thing about the coldest month of the year, other than lingering under the doona a little longer, is staying in with friends, enjoying warming plates of fine fare and a cheeky glass of blush. Look away as our Northern Hemisphere dives into Summer and our Instagram feeds are full of what we all daydream about. Here is a harvest bounty that will make you glad its Winter. Mushrooms fit for a knockout soup meander with nutty Zucchini's that would make a satisfying late breakfast with crusty baguette from The Bread & Butter Project and a pastured fried egg. Lots of butter recommended.

Last weeks Harvest bag turned out a little different from what we had anticipated. A late frost hit many of our farmers and in turn made a few lines unavailable. NSW mandarins suddenly finished last week, they were abundant and looking great 2 weeks ago and I just learnt that this is common for the season to conclude this way. New mandarins from South Australia will be hitting our market this week. Cara Cara oranges are a little late this year and our growers tell us will be ready to eat in 3 weeks time. Brussel Sprouts, Green Beans and Yellow Squash are all finished but replacing them are delicious local Hass Avocados, Tomatoes, Chinese Broccoli (similar to broccollini but with more sweet and tender leaves) and in fruit there are really crisp rose apples, ruby red rhubarb and some rather smashing blueberries.

Stay warm and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday.
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Eat brightly.
p.s please remember to return your calico bags for recycling.
the universe thanks you

The (Winter) Stay Amazing Staples Bag

Rose Apples : 6
Navel Oranges : 6 pieces
Ruby Red Grapefruit : 2
Passionfruit : 3
Blueberries : 2 punnets 
Lemonade Fruit : 3 
Bananas : 1 bunch of 6
200gm Medjool Dates 
Hass Avocados : 2


The Little Green Bounty $55


Saturday 11th July
Button mushrooms 400gm (grown in the blue mountains)
Hass avocados 2 (peats ridge)
Black jack zucchini 5 (richmond)
Vine ripened tomatoes bunch of 6 (peats ridge)
Red capsicum 2 (peats ridge)
Yellow capsicum 2 (peats ridge)
Baby peruvian gold potatoes 400gm (tasmania)
Purple and orange carrots 1 bunch (llandillo)
Chinese celery 1 bunch (liverpool)
Savoy cabbage half (pitt town, hawkesbury river)
Pencil leeks bunch of 5 (richmond)
Traditional Spinach 1 bunch (llandillo)
Chinese Broccoli 1 bunch (liverpool)
Coriander 1 bunch (liverpool)
Parsley 1 bunch (llandillo)
Lemons 3 (windsor)
Rhubarb 1 bunch (windsor)
Rose apples 5 (orange)
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